Everything old is new again (almost)

They are purple, come in a purple case and are supposed to help me see better.  So far, all they have really given me is a headache.  Glasses, tangible evidence that I am getting old. My birth certificate and forty plus photographs of cake and presents also testify to the passage of time.  My feet often still hurt in the morning when I wake up.  The only plus is my hair receives many comments on the colour, followed by the question where did I have it done.  I haven’t, it’s going grey (or is it gray – I never know.  I suspect one is British English and the other is American).

Is it unreasonable to expect that the improvement in my vision should be $600.00 worth?  They are progressive lenses, the area for reading is so small that the entire computer screen is not in focus – not good.  I practiced in the pulpit after I got them, the entire manuscript is not in focus and when I moved my head to get the congregation in focus, I couldn’t find my place on the page when I looked back down – not good.  I’ll wear them for a few more days and make the final decision.  It’s very upsetting, especially since $20 reading glasses from Safeway provide better vision.  The only improvement is I can see the television better, but only if I look straight on.  They were supposed to provide me with ‘better’ lenses, ie a wider prescription area, but I wonder if they actually did.  We’ll see (or not).

Fulfilling the Promise

When we moved to Dawson Creek, I promised my husband that I would golf with him.  I am not convinced he took me seriously.  Every time he bemoaned having no one to hit the links with I reminded him of ‘the promise.’

Recently he has begun golfing regularly with a member of the local court system .  They decided to enter a best ball tournament that consisted of 3 couples on a team.  Us, the J’s and the C’s committed until we found the fee was too steep.  Hubby encouraged me to take lessons.  After two with the DC Golf and Country Club pro, the four of us went on Saturday.  T, B and I played 18 and L played 9.  I think I shot around 200 (I wasn’t keeping score).  The guys did pretty good.  It was okay, the gratification comes when you hit one nice, occassional drive.  That is also the motivation for trying again, and again, and again… Anyway, we agreed to play again this coming Saturday.

My darling and I decided we would go to the driving range sometime in between and hit some balls.  He had a short day yesterday so we went to DCGCC and changed our minds and played 9 instead.  Again it was okay, I am still not hitting consistantly, I don’t care at this point where it goes, as long as it goes a fair distance.  Hubby thinks I am doing really well and is thrilled that we have something else to do together.  It was a breezy, sunny day, with rain and thunderstorms clinging to the heights surrounding the town.  We had a nice time together.

How does the garden grow?

The flower garden is really nice this year.  A little too much yellow, but it makes a good contrast for the blues, purples and dark, dark red flowers.

Quote of the Day

Rev. M. S.

Yea, I echo what so many of you already have said… nobody should ever feel unwelcome… in the church, or in an online discussion about church matters. We are all Sisters and Brothers. Sometimes we sit on opposing sides of the living room, but, come meal time, we still are fed at the same table.

As far as scripture goes… yes, I follow the Bible passionately. I take it so very seriously. I take it so seriously that I am unwilling to allow my oppinion or my theory to change the Bible. I do the exegetical work. I do the prayer work. I do the meditational work. I listen for the voice of God. And, I wrestle with the pieces of scripture that make me scratch my head. I literally get down and wrestle with them. Because my outcome from these processes is different than yours doesn’t mean that one of us is wrong. It simply means that we came out with different results.

And, I’d even be willing to throw the entire Bible out as long as I can hold onto two precepts… Christ loved everybody without exception, and I should love everybody without exception. The entire rest of the Bible can go, because, in the end, it all gets boiled down to those two points. There’s no need for interpretation there. If it isn’t loving… truly and purely loving… it’s wrong in the eyes of Christ. No exegetical needed. No debate necessary. Simply, and purely, love all people without exception. Forgive their sins ( I need not know what they are by the way) and simply love them for who they happen to be.

T … and I particularly enjoy those moments the most, those “What the HELL do I do with this scripture?” moments. It’s almost as if I can feel Christ standing right next to me, and as if I can hear him chuckle at my being flumoxed.

One less thing?

I haven’t worn a watch for almost a month now.  Funny thing, I haven’t really missed it.  Granted, I occasionally glance down at my wrist.  The watch is not there.  Time is everywhere I go, particularly if I remember to carry my cell phone, which I don’t.  Most places have wall clocks.  There is a digital clock in the truck, on my computer.  That covers most of the places I might need one.
My recent time piece has been an inexpensive purchase from Sears, Winnipeg in 2004.  It was a lovely two-tone silver/gold wrist watch that has gradually worn to a pewter colour.  The battery has gone dead, and I have been neglecting (forgetting) to get it replaced.  All my watches suffer a similar malaise, and there are a number of them…(15)  I should really have my trusty windup Waltham repaired, or even the $15.00 Timex I purchased when the Kenora Woolworth was reinvented as a Zellers – or the Seiko – or the Bulova.  Then I wouldn’t have an excuse, would I?

Already Behind

I had full expectations of worship preparation progressing quickly this week.  It hasn’t happened that way.  We are singing many hymns this Sunday, it is our second annual Country Cowboy Worship.  It is the weekend of the Fall Fair and Rodeo so we decided to hold a worship service that reflected some of those themes.  This year Session decided on a Scriptures, stories and songs theme, the hymns being old Gospel favourites  – Leaning on the everlasting arms – Sweet hour of prayer – The old rugged cross – Blessed assurance.  We are decorating the church country, quilts, hay bales, saddles, rocking chairs, cowboy boots and hats (pictures to follow).

I have all the research completed for each of the hymns, but have yet to write the prayers and organize all the stories.  Okay, so I have two days left.  I also want to attend the Fair parade tomorrow, have a second golf lesson, and golf at the Dawson Creek Golf and Country Club on Saturday, go out for dinner with the other golfing couple, and watch the Blue Bomber game.  As always, it will get done, one way or another.

Where have you been?

It’s been a very long while….

We are settled into Dawson Creek BC. I was called to St. James Presbyterian Church. Things were a little rocky to start, but are going fairly well now. It is much like home (Kenora), without family. I miss them very much.

The garden that came with the house is a blessing. I enjoy it very much. I waited with anticipation the first spring to see what would come up with the arrival of sun and warmth. The previous owner(s) seemed to really like yellow. I have been slowly replacing those plants with purple, blue, white and blossoms bordering on black. It is getting there. I am happy with the results, it is an oasis, a place to lose oneself in and rest and appreciate on those days that the sun is shining and the wind takes a rest.