One less thing?

I haven’t worn a watch for almost a month now.  Funny thing, I haven’t really missed it.  Granted, I occasionally glance down at my wrist.  The watch is not there.  Time is everywhere I go, particularly if I remember to carry my cell phone, which I don’t.  Most places have wall clocks.  There is a digital clock in the truck, on my computer.  That covers most of the places I might need one.
My recent time piece has been an inexpensive purchase from Sears, Winnipeg in 2004.  It was a lovely two-tone silver/gold wrist watch that has gradually worn to a pewter colour.  The battery has gone dead, and I have been neglecting (forgetting) to get it replaced.  All my watches suffer a similar malaise, and there are a number of them…(15)  I should really have my trusty windup Waltham repaired, or even the $15.00 Timex I purchased when the Kenora Woolworth was reinvented as a Zellers – or the Seiko – or the Bulova.  Then I wouldn’t have an excuse, would I?

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