Quote of the Day

Rev. M. S.

Yea, I echo what so many of you already have said… nobody should ever feel unwelcome… in the church, or in an online discussion about church matters. We are all Sisters and Brothers. Sometimes we sit on opposing sides of the living room, but, come meal time, we still are fed at the same table.

As far as scripture goes… yes, I follow the Bible passionately. I take it so very seriously. I take it so seriously that I am unwilling to allow my oppinion or my theory to change the Bible. I do the exegetical work. I do the prayer work. I do the meditational work. I listen for the voice of God. And, I wrestle with the pieces of scripture that make me scratch my head. I literally get down and wrestle with them. Because my outcome from these processes is different than yours doesn’t mean that one of us is wrong. It simply means that we came out with different results.

And, I’d even be willing to throw the entire Bible out as long as I can hold onto two precepts… Christ loved everybody without exception, and I should love everybody without exception. The entire rest of the Bible can go, because, in the end, it all gets boiled down to those two points. There’s no need for interpretation there. If it isn’t loving… truly and purely loving… it’s wrong in the eyes of Christ. No exegetical needed. No debate necessary. Simply, and purely, love all people without exception. Forgive their sins ( I need not know what they are by the way) and simply love them for who they happen to be.

T … and I particularly enjoy those moments the most, those “What the HELL do I do with this scripture?” moments. It’s almost as if I can feel Christ standing right next to me, and as if I can hear him chuckle at my being flumoxed.

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