Everything old is new again (almost)

They are purple, come in a purple case and are supposed to help me see better.  So far, all they have really given me is a headache.  Glasses, tangible evidence that I am getting old. My birth certificate and forty plus photographs of cake and presents also testify to the passage of time.  My feet often still hurt in the morning when I wake up.  The only plus is my hair receives many comments on the colour, followed by the question where did I have it done.  I haven’t, it’s going grey (or is it gray – I never know.  I suspect one is British English and the other is American).

Is it unreasonable to expect that the improvement in my vision should be $600.00 worth?  They are progressive lenses, the area for reading is so small that the entire computer screen is not in focus – not good.  I practiced in the pulpit after I got them, the entire manuscript is not in focus and when I moved my head to get the congregation in focus, I couldn’t find my place on the page when I looked back down – not good.  I’ll wear them for a few more days and make the final decision.  It’s very upsetting, especially since $20 reading glasses from Safeway provide better vision.  The only improvement is I can see the television better, but only if I look straight on.  They were supposed to provide me with ‘better’ lenses, ie a wider prescription area, but I wonder if they actually did.  We’ll see (or not).