Stones and Rocks

Ecclesiastes 3:5   …a time to throw away stones, and a time to gather stones together…

The patterns, shapes, weight, colour and use of stones hold as lifelong fascination.  I want to see the standing stones of Stonehenge.  My favourite stone is the amethyst (~purple~), closely followed by ammolite.  At one time I planned to own every gem stone in existence — ummm, not so much now — remember I have to save enough money to get to the Salisbury Plain as some point of my life.

Library at the Canadian Parliment Buildings

I marvel at stone hewn to construct amazing buildings, such as, say, the Salisbury Cathedral, although the building shown at the left is pretty inspiring.  So was the seminary that I attended, I’ll leave those photos for a later post.

In May we traveled to the Yukon.  We saw rocks and stones at every corner, piled high on top of themselves, mountain height, solid and unstable at the same time.  It is the smaller examples that demand my attention more so.

Lichen on rocks

So this photo is not primarily about rocks, I was drawn to the patterns of the lichen growning on them, or the mosses and lichen growing between them.

Lichens and rocks

This boulder was so fascinating.  There were no other rocks around that were similar, of the same composition or colour.  Where did it come from and why would the glaciers leave it specifically in this place?

Odd rock in what would seem to be the middle of nowhere.

Below is a closer look.

     What caused it to erode in this manner?   I love these unexpected, unusual surprises that reveal themselves when you take the time to stop travelling 100 kms an hour and walk around for an hour or so.

Who else knows about this place, who has found this curious thing, little in comparison to the mountains that surround and dwarf it.

At another stop I attempted to capture the image of stones beneath the water of a mesmerisingly aqua-blue Muncho Lake.  I later realized the camera settings were all wrong, but the camera was new to me, what can I say.  Here is the best effort.  Better luck next time.

Ice and Stones

Mountain near Toad River






And here, because the structure of the stones, is the single obligatory mountain image.  So soaringly beautiful.