She Got It!

I’ve had to wait to post these pictures of my recently completed quilt.  Mom finally picked it up at the Post Office this morning.  Now I can post pictures without the worry of spoiling the surprise. 

This project presented nothing but a series of challenges.  The first was finding a tulip pattern that I liked.  When I did it was in an older magazine.  Not surprisingly, the templates for the block was missing.  Having to make my own was a first, with mental gymnastics that relied on grade school mathematics.  See!  Fractions do have practical uses!!!!

In the process of quilting the pebbles my sewing machine seized.  My own negligence, it should have been serviced months earlier.  Taking it to the dealer, an hour away, I got a chip in the truck’s recently replaced windshield (par for the course).

Approximately 3/5ths of the way through the pebbling, I realized I would not have enough thread.  It is a beige/light brown variegated from YLI called Pyramids of Giza.  None of the quilt shops in the Peace River District had it in stock so I had to wait for some to be ordered in – another two week delay.


When the thread finally arrived it required a one hour trip to pick it up.  I rushed home, threaded the machine, turned it on, the light was burned out.  By this time hubby was getting irritated by all the trips east for supplies that he told me under no uncertain terms was I driving an hour there and another back for a $2.50 light bulb.  Another two-week delay until underlayment was needed for the basement floor and a trip to Home Depot was necessary.  It was a serendipitous journey, as I found the butterfly stencil to free motion stitch the border.  Later I found one with tulips on-line., if I would have only known…

The fabric backing was another fortunate discovery.  It was in the sale rack at one of my favourite quilt stores.  It is a Quest for the Cure design, a percentage of the proceeds going to cancer research I think.  I felt mom would appreciate that, since her younger sister died from pancreatic cancer a year earlier.

I am thrilled with this quilt.  It turned out gorgeous.  Now I can turn my attention to the three current WIPs.

8 comments on “She Got It!

  1. Beautiful quilt! I really like your photography, too. That is something I really need to improve on. A better quality camera might help, but that is like a cook blaming the pans, right?!

    • antarabesque says:

      Thanks for the compliment. I wouldn’t say you are blaming the pans, it is pretty hard to bake a cake if you only have a saucepan. You can do it, but it may not turn out the best. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. komnumep says:

    Beautiful quilt! I enjoyed reading about it 😀

  3. Northern Narratives says:

    Gorgeous quilt. I like the tulips and the color and the story too 🙂

  4. This is beautiful. I love the way your blog alternates between photos of your beautiful quilts and photos of the natural world, which seems to provide the inspiration. Thank you for liking my blog.

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