How are things growing?

The garden is very white, entirely unintended.  The columbine has come beautifully this year.  The last two it struggled as a result of getting wind born spray meant to control the dandelions in the lawn.  They don’t bother me, but hubby insisted.

There are a few Lily of the Valley left after the front was replanted.  The Anenomes are huge this year, possibly due to the winter kill thinning them down to much smaller clumps.  I love the hint of mauve toward the centres.

The Icelandic Poppies are blooming profusely, almost all of them are white.  Once the blue and purple Delphinium start blooming they will compliment perfectly.

I am so pleased with the little Violas I picked up at the greenhouse this year.  They are vibrant little bunches that bloom, and bloom and bloom, not getting leggy at all.  They are so sweet, a long time favourite.  It brings to mind my grandmother’s garden and the long beds of pansies along the walk to the front door.  Every time I visited while they were in bloom I would beg permission to pick a bouquet.  Some times, not too often, she would say yes.

The flower beds are not entirely white, there are patches of colour here and there.  Only one of four bleeding hearts survived.  I think the application of herbicide mentioned earlier contributed greatly to the demise of the one in the front garden.  The survivor at the back fence is flourishing.  I am a bit concerned about it however, as an equally large Delphinium is crowding it out.  We’ll have to see how they get along this summer.

As I have stated on numerous occasions, purple is my favourite colour.  I am thrilled with the very dark purple, almost black columbines that I planted last year and returned healthy and robust this year.  Late tulips in the front garden are almost the same colour.  Things definitely are growing well!

And…the chives are blooming!

8 comments on “How are things growing?

  1. komnumep says:

    So beautiful! It has gotten so hot already in Dallas that most of our plants have been scorched and burned. Most of the foliage is yellow or nearly so, and not many things are flowering well. It’s par for the course in this climate, but I wouldn’t mind a bit more color!

    • antarabesque says:

      We are just getting into the warm weather now. The peonies should be blooming by the end of next week, and the roses are just starting to bud. Many hours of sunlight (4:30 am to 11:00 pm) catches us up to our southern neighbours quickly. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Lovely photos. I have some columbine in the greenhouse that I started this Spring. Can’t wait to have flowers next year after seeing your “beautiful purple”!

  3. kiaman2012 says:

    Fabulous images!

  4. mabbsonsea says:

    Beautiful pictures. Tell your husband that dandelions are good for the soil, even if they ruin the look of the lawn. We have a rare sunny day today & the grass is long … but there’s been so much rain here lately that the clover’s in flower in the lawn, & it seems such a shame to cut it down. Maybe I’ll leave it till the next dry day …

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