Another UFO – FP, finally!

Finally!  Hubby’s quilt is finished.  I started it well over a year ago.  It’s been waiting until I could find someone to long arm quilt it for me.  It is slightly bigger than queen size (hubby is a BIG guy) and much too heavy and awkward to quilt on my sewing machine.  I was referred to Joanne at A Quilting Studio who was able to book it in within 6 weeks.  Hurray!  Every one else had no openings until October at the earliest, one place not until next year!

Hubby is really excited that it is finally finished, he painted the walls of his room to match!

The design is called Squares on Squares and the quilting pattern is called Square Dance.  I am pleased with the finished result, it is almost true to the squares.  Not too bad for my second full-sized quilt, my tenth, not counting stoles.

3 comments on “Another UFO – FP, finally!

  1. Laura says:

    Oh so very nice!!!!

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