A Snowball’s Chance


DSC_0806WIP Wednesday focuses on a project I inherited.  A member of our congregation passed away a little over a year ago.  She had a number of projects started and our quilters’ group offered to complete them for the family.  This is the one that I agreed to take on.

NM was a lovely woman.  She loved everyone, and brought smiles and laughter everywhere she went.  Her fabric selections revealed her sense of fun and whimsy.   She couldn’t cut a straight line or a square, square.  It just didn’t matter that much.  Some of these snowball blocks she had already started and required trimming down.  Others I trimmed first and then sewed on the corners.  Too late I realized the result would be that not all of the seams would line up.  Hopefully it won’t be too obvious.

I am using the removed corners to make a border.  There will be some extras that I will add to my stash for some future scrap quilt.  I am almost finished piecing and should be sandwiching and begin quilting it this weekend.

Watch future posts for the finished project!