WIP Strip


It’s Wednesday, here’s what is on the table today.* This pattern has a number of names, my preference is “Fruits of the Spirit.”  It is a great way to use up all those strips from previous projects.  Once the rows are completed they are joined to lengthwise strips of fabric, in this case I plan to use a solid navy blue.  The border will be the same navy fabric.

The snowball quilt is sandwiched and ready for quilting.  I wanted to get this project pieced before I changed the foot on my sewing machine (I’m lazy that way).  This simple strip quilt has been waiting for over a year, I wanted to get it done in time for the quilters’ group next donation to a local women and children shelter.

I made a list of WIPs, there are twelve.  No more cutting until some are completed!

*See the practical and brand new cutting board?  Thanks darling!


Strips finished and ready for joining to solid navy strips.

Strips finished and ready for joining to solid navy strips.

2 comments on “WIP Strip

  1. rivercityweaves says:

    As I looked at the finished quilt, I thought for sure there was a quick/shortcut way to piece this. Not so? It looks a bit like a selvedge quilt. Love your blog!

    • antarabesque says:

      The quicky way is to cut a few 42″ strips from a variety of fabrics, sew together and then cut to the appropriate width (in this case 6″). I had a bunch of scrap pieces of different lengths from a LOT of different fabrics, so it didn’t sew up as quick as it could have.
      Thank you for your kind comments, I’m pleased you enjoyed your visit. Stop in any time!

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