Two Strips Forward, One Strip Back

DSC_0816I brought the “Fruits of the Spirit”, or as I learned today, “Chinese Coins” quilt down to the church to sandwich.  Wouldn’t you know it?  The wide borders won’t lay flat.  I’ll have to take them off, find out where I made an error in squaring up the top, repair that, then sew them back on.  My chore for this evening since the flannel back and the batting are occupying the table in the church basement and I want to get this together before someone else needs the space.  (Untaping the back from the table is not an option … when you take into account how I hate to negate two steps forward!)


3 comments on “Two Strips Forward, One Strip Back

  1. I hope your quilt troubles will be easilier fixed than mine is… Thank you for stopping by at my blog! Good luck!

    • antarabesque says:

      I stopped by my local quilt store yesterday and garnered a bit of advice. The borders are off and I am going to tackle the fix in a few moments. Thanks for the return visit!

  2. […] at the upper left edge of this quilt you can see the rippled border that I mentioned in my last post.  Last night I carefully removed the borders, pressed them again, trimmed up the outside edges to […]

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