WIP Wednesday – Revisited

Last week I decided that the ‘Fruits of the Spirit’ quilt was finished.  I considered stenciling a pattern on the border, then changed my mind.  Still not satisfied, I quilted a single line of stitching 1/2″ in from the binding.  Better.  Now I was done.  Yesterday I revisited my decision and am now quilting the perimeter in ever-increasing increments.  I see it satisfying my desire to quilt the rather large border and not distract from the columns of colour.  It should also provide continuity for the repetition of rectangles.  DSC_0868

Don’t be alarmed that I am not using a walking foot.  There is no batting in this quilt (blanket?).  It has a flannel sheet as the middle layer and a flannel back, so only three layers of fabric are being sewn together in this case.  I used a long ruler and a water soluble pencil to scribe the next line for quilting.  The third line will be another 1/2″ or more away, and probably a fourth further again.   I’d like to be finished tomorrow so I can add it to the collection of quilts going to the women’s shelter.

Is a quilt ever really finished?  Or is it just that we are unprepared to say we are done?

Home Hearths – WIP

I am making good progress on the Rainbow Log Cabin Quilt.  More than half of the blocks are completed.  Optimistically, the top should be complete by the weekend.DSC_0862

My housework is sadly lacking attention.  I am seriously considering a mental health day today and giving one of the bathrooms a good cleaning.  I already have one load of laundry washing and am charging three devices (the Nikon, Blackberry and the Kindle).  There is way too much stuff in this house, beyond the extensive stash.  I confess to being a bit of a hoarder, thankfully not an obsessive one, although there is some obsessive organization of hoarded things.  For instance, the stash is organized by colour AND by size.

Isaiah 23:18 Her merchandise and her wages will be holy to the Lord. It will not be stored or hoarded, but her merchandise will supply abundant food and fine clothing for those who dwell before the Lord.

Banners for Lent

521545_488758154519866_679491655_nWe are a week into Lent.  The ladies finished the Lenten Banner project and we dedicated them to God’s glory on February 17th.  It is always a delight to see how others take a vision, use fabrics from their own stashes, sew and assemble the blocks, and then all the banners are hung together.  The overall impression is one of unity, yet every quilter’s uniqueness and creativity shines.  It is an excellent illustration of who we are called to be as church, gathered for one purpose, yet diverse and beautiful in our worship and service.  Thanks be to God!


1 Corinthians 10:31  So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

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FP for Dessert


I finished the table runner last night.  I am pleased with the progress I am making to bind 90 degree corners.  These are almost perfect (for me).  However, this project had four corner angles that were greater and I couldn’t figure them out.  I should have done a search for a tutorial.  Next time.  I used a dinner plate to trace the lines for the quilting around the center block.  Coincidentially the runner was exactly the same width as the plate!  You think I planned it that way.  I will give it a the gift certificate for a flower arrangement to the director of Young Life today for the silent auction at their dessert fundraiser on Saturday.  I have three days to quilt and bind the next project.  Drop in then for the pictorial.DSC_0844

Meeting Deadlines

DSC_0843Saturday is the Dessert Fundraiser for Young Life.  We had a great time when we went last year.  This year I wanted to donate something for their silent auction.  I had a couple of fat quarters of this very ornate, gold embellished fabric and decided to make a table runner.  I will partner it with a gift certificate for a floral arrangement.  I got the idea from One-derful 1 Fabric Quilts by Kay Nickols.  I managed to pin it this morning and should have it quilted and ready to bind while I sit in front of the television tomorrow night.  DSC_0842

I can only get away with a half a Family Day holiday.  Off to work to make a few phone calls, set the agenda for this evening’s meeting, and send off a few emails.

Wednesday’s WIP update

I have started nothing new (amazing), rather working diligently on WIPs.  I am stippling the Fruits of the Spirit (Chinese Coins) quilt, the 16.5″ Lenten banner top is ready for sandwiching.  I was naughty yesterday, purchasing fabric in a neighbouring town after an early morning meeting.  (Another promise broken – sigh)

4909819_1_l        My sister has asked for a lap quilt to compliment her Stickley sofa, specifically of fabric reproducing William Morris designs.  I was looking for a 24″ ruler, having not found one at my local store or at the quilt stores in the neighbouring province.  I walked into Piece by Peace and there, in all its lushious glory was The Morris Apprentice charm packs.  Well …  how could I resist?!  Most of it goes beautifully with the sample my sister gave me of her sofa’s fabric (not as shown).

This morning’s wander through some of my favourite blogs I encountered this.  Magnum Block.  Love it!  So many talented people out there.  Thank you!

You Send Me Right Round

DSC_0839It’s the beginning of the month!  I allow myself to purchase fabric since I am flush with cash from payday (yeah, right).  My challenge is I am easily inspired, it is the curse of a creative mind.  I constantly consider blocks I haven’t tried yet, fabric combinations, feel envious of the beautiful work I encounter on the blogs of others and within the local quilting community.

I offer this ‘sometime in the future’ project.  It is tempting me to attempt circles.  We’ll see!



Isaiah 43:19

19 Watch for the new thing I am going to do.
It is happening already—you can see it now!


I follow the blog of rprtphoto, wh0 takes amazing photographs. I am rebloging today’s because I think it would make fabulous quilting fabric. Don’t you think?



Most of Havana’s once stately buildings are decaying to varying degrees.  Whether built of limestone, cement or stucco, the marine environment combined with decades of neglect have taken their toll.  Crumbling facades, peeling paint, rusting iron and decaying wood mar most of these lovely structures, but each building’s character and former grace always seem to shine through, even when the exterior walls are all that’s left.  It makes for a somewhat surreal setting, and some neighborhoods have an almost postapocalyptic ambiance. At times I felt like I was walking through a movie set and not a real city.

One building material that has held up well over the years is ceramic tile.  The buildings that still had tile on their exterior had a vibrance that made them stand out among their faded neighbors.  The image above is a close-up of the tile veneer that lines the bottom of the building…

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