Wednesday’s WIP update

I have started nothing new (amazing), rather working diligently on WIPs.  I am stippling the Fruits of the Spirit (Chinese Coins) quilt, the 16.5″ Lenten banner top is ready for sandwiching.  I was naughty yesterday, purchasing fabric in a neighbouring town after an early morning meeting.  (Another promise broken – sigh)

4909819_1_l        My sister has asked for a lap quilt to compliment her Stickley sofa, specifically of fabric reproducing William Morris designs.  I was looking for a 24″ ruler, having not found one at my local store or at the quilt stores in the neighbouring province.  I walked into Piece by Peace and there, in all its lushious glory was The Morris Apprentice charm packs.  Well …  how could I resist?!  Most of it goes beautifully with the sample my sister gave me of her sofa’s fabric (not as shown).

This morning’s wander through some of my favourite blogs I encountered this.  Magnum Block.  Love it!  So many talented people out there.  Thank you!

One comment on “Wednesday’s WIP update

  1. […] mentioned some time ago that I bought some Morris Apprentice fabrics intended for a quilt for my sister.  I was browsing through my pattern books and came across […]

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