Meeting Deadlines

DSC_0843Saturday is the Dessert Fundraiser for Young Life.  We had a great time when we went last year.  This year I wanted to donate something for their silent auction.  I had a couple of fat quarters of this very ornate, gold embellished fabric and decided to make a table runner.  I will partner it with a gift certificate for a floral arrangement.  I got the idea from One-derful 1 Fabric Quilts by Kay Nickols.  I managed to pin it this morning and should have it quilted and ready to bind while I sit in front of the television tomorrow night.  DSC_0842

I can only get away with a half a Family Day holiday.  Off to work to make a few phone calls, set the agenda for this evening’s meeting, and send off a few emails.

2 comments on “Meeting Deadlines

  1. It’s gorgeous! I think that gingko leaf fabric gives it just a fresh, modern look.

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