FP for Dessert


I finished the table runner last night.  I am pleased with the progress I am making to bind 90 degree corners.  These are almost perfect (for me).  However, this project had four corner angles that were greater and I couldn’t figure them out.  I should have done a search for a tutorial.  Next time.  I used a dinner plate to trace the lines for the quilting around the center block.  Coincidentially the runner was exactly the same width as the plate!  You think I planned it that way.  I will give it a the gift certificate for a flower arrangement to the director of Young Life today for the silent auction at their dessert fundraiser on Saturday.  I have three days to quilt and bind the next project.  Drop in then for the pictorial.DSC_0844


3 comments on “FP for Dessert

  1. antarabesque says:

    The table runner and the gift certificate were auctioned off for over $80.00! A very successful night for Young Life in that they almost reached their goal of $20,000.00.

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