WIP Wednesday – Revisited

Last week I decided that the ‘Fruits of the Spirit’ quilt was finished.  I considered stenciling a pattern on the border, then changed my mind.  Still not satisfied, I quilted a single line of stitching 1/2″ in from the binding.  Better.  Now I was done.  Yesterday I revisited my decision and am now quilting the perimeter in ever-increasing increments.  I see it satisfying my desire to quilt the rather large border and not distract from the columns of colour.  It should also provide continuity for the repetition of rectangles.  DSC_0868

Don’t be alarmed that I am not using a walking foot.  There is no batting in this quilt (blanket?).  It has a flannel sheet as the middle layer and a flannel back, so only three layers of fabric are being sewn together in this case.  I used a long ruler and a water soluble pencil to scribe the next line for quilting.  The third line will be another 1/2″ or more away, and probably a fourth further again.   I’d like to be finished tomorrow so I can add it to the collection of quilts going to the women’s shelter.

Is a quilt ever really finished?  Or is it just that we are unprepared to say we are done?

5 comments on “WIP Wednesday – Revisited

  1. I love the way the dark fabric (is it navy?) sets off the bright colors.

    • antarabesque says:

      It is navy, really dark. I thought it was the best choice, not only to make the colours pop, but because I do not know who might be the recipient of the quilt. Thanks for visiting today.

      • You’re right – I think about that too as far as practicality. The one I just finished has a lot of light yellow around the edge, where it is most likely to show any dirt! But that’s what I had. Usually I try to make the outer edges dark.

      • antarabesque says:

        I didn’t consider the ‘picking up dirt’ part in my decision making, although I was chagrined to discover how dusty my floor was until one edge of this quilt dragged across it and cleaned a swath.

      • Well MY house is spotless (ha!) but since I make mostly crib quilts and hospital lap quilts I am thinking about ease of use for caretakers. 🙂

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