WIP Wednesday – Aunt Nancy’s Favourite


I mentioned some time ago that I bought some Morris Apprentice fabrics intended for a quilt for my sister.  I was browsing through my pattern books and came across ‘Aunt Nancy’s Favourite’ in The Big Book of Patchwork – 50 Fabulous Quilts by Judy Hopkins.  Last night I finished the blocks.  It was truly satisfying working on these, each one unique.  I love the fabrics, 90% of them William Morris Inspired from three or four different series, and I think they lend themselves really well  to this design.  If my sibling is not as pleased, I’ll keep this one.

8 comments on “WIP Wednesday – Aunt Nancy’s Favourite

  1. Cathi says:

    That is going to be a wonderfully rich quilt! Beautiful fabrics.

  2. basildonkitchens says:

    Beautiful. I can’t wait to see the way you put them all together.

  3. calicocat41 says:

    I’m going to make a quilt for my sister very so also!!!

  4. rivercityweaves says:

    This is a great block! It’s so complex, though. Your skills and experience far surpass mine. Beautiful.

    • antarabesque says:

      You didn’t look very close! This one has a number of blunted points and places where they don’t quite match up. I think using starch would have helped, so many of the pieces are on the bias. Next time.
      Thanks for your kind comments and for visiting my eplace.

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