Purple, Purple and really Purple

Last fall I planted over fifty tulip bulbs.  I was rather disappointed with how they displayed the spring before.  It must have been a good winter for them because even the bulbs from the previous year bloomed this.  My favourite are the Queen of the Night.

DSC_0075 DSC_0081 DSC_0086I spent most of the morning in the garden, planting potatoes, peas, onions and garlic.  We are not going over board this year.  I might add some carrots tomorrow.  That will be determined by the amount of rain we receive overnight.  We are currently under a severe rain warning.  Last time one was issued, all the low areas were flooded.  It was a laugh to see the flag on the ninth hole of the local Golf and Country club waving bravely from the middle of a lake.

I hope you are all enjoying your Victoria Day.

7 comments on “Purple, Purple and really Purple

  1. lalinsocal says:

    Your tulips are gorgeous! Enjoy the long weekend – I miss the holiday – happy Victoria Day!

    • antarabesque says:

      Thanks, tulips are one of my favourites, it must be the Dutch heritage. We had a lovely day, 9 on the golf course and it didn’t rain, a little bit of sewing, and watching the NHL playoffs with pizza and beer. Do you have a similar holiday coming soon?

      • lalinsocal says:

        My husband was born and raised in Pittsburgh. . .but I’m cheering for the Sens – next year my Leafs will make it! Next year! 🙂 p.s. don’t say anything about the Sens, eh? 😉

      • antarabesque says:

        Next year the Leafs will make it! We have been Leafs’ fans for a long time, although now that the Jets are back we have a soft spot for our ‘hometown’ team. I do have a Y2K Leafs’ jersey with ‘Antropov’ on the back.
        Of course at this point we are cheering for the Sens, they are Canadian!!! ABM 😉

      • lalinsocal says:

        So are half the Pittsburgh players 🙂 well. . .maybe not half 😉

  2. Beautiful! I planted tulips & daffodils at our cottage in Michigan (we live in Florida) but have yet to make it up there to see them blossom. Maybe I’ll see them next spring after I retire. Thanks for sharing.

    • antarabesque says:

      That really is an exercise in hope and promise, isn’t it? To plant something without knowing for sure if they produce or not. Michigan is a beautiful state too.

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