Stash Buster

DSC_0101The fabric is left over from the Advent Banners.  It is coming together well.  This little project is going on a trip to Oklahoma on the 20th of June.  The top should be completed by the end of the day and on the long arm this evening.

Genesis 33:12     “Then Esau said, “Let us journey on our way, and I will go alongside you.”  

2 comments on “Stash Buster

  1. I see so many of your projects in that quilt! Looking forward to the finish. Won’t it be a wonderful gift!

    • antarabesque says:

      I used the last of lighter plaid and the solid light blue fabric, not a single scrap left. Scrap quilts always hold a bit of nostalgia in them, reminders of other projects and people. I wonder if the person who receives it will have any inkling of all the connections wrapped up in this fabric, the solid light blue is in every Advent Banner at our church and in my son’s quilt, the plaids in my grandmother’s, prayers for God’s presence and abundant love in all those lives. I want to finish today, except it is lovely outside.

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