Sister Moon, Brother Sun

Three houses away, at the end of our block, is a huge park, more of a field.  Not unusual for a town dropped in the middle of geography conducive to growing wheat, barley and canola.  Next to the park is a farmer’s field, sown this year with barley.  We walk/run the dawg there almost daily.  A few evenings ago we were blessed with God’s glory displayed in the heavens.


View to the South


View to the West


Psalm 148:3  Praise him, sun and moon; praise him, all you shining stars!

All creatures of our God and King
Lift up your voice and with us sing,
Alleluia! Alleluia!
Thou brother sun with golden beam,
Thou sister moon with softer gleam!

Hymn adapted from St Francis of Assisi Canticle of the Sun

Hanging the Rainbow

Finally we have a quilt hanging in our home.  The Rainbow Log Cabin turned out so beautifully that I was compelled to keep it.  I already have a lap quilt I use almost daily, displaying the Rainbow seemed obvious.

DSC_0224Hanging the Rainbow in a place where one has to look up seemed even more obvious.  Here it shines at the top of the stairs.  DSC_0215

The quilting is concentric arches.  I used a dinner plate as a guide, the only draw back was the plate was not quite the right  diametre to match up with the width of the strips.  A very clever attempt at continuity, if I might be so bold.


Sirach 43:11  Look at the rainbow, and praise him who made it; it is exceedingly beautiful in its brightness.




WM Redux – Dilemma Revisited

DSC_0220Aunt Nancy’s Favourite in William Morris (here is the original) fabrics has been finally repieced with a nod to the recipient’s preferences.  Most of the red fabrics have been removed, replaced with purples and greens.  I was much more deliberate in matching up the points this time around.  I am much more pleased with the effort.  It is still a handsome quilt.  I am planning on going with blue/green borders this time.  There is too much going on in my work space, I have to resist starting something new and finish up the projects on the go!


1 – ready for borders
2 – off to the Quilty Guilt
3 – blocks ready to be sewn together

That Dawg Can Run

Haggis the Collie is gradually settling into the family.  He remains somewhat undisciplined, ripping flannel sheets in an attempt to make a nest on the queen sized bed, barking LOUDLY at any noisy activity from outside the house even at 3:00 AM, jumping up in joy upon our return leaving painful evidence of his weight and unyielding nails on arms and legs, and succumbing to the herding instinct every time a car passes on the twice a day walks.

Hubby has been successful in letting him loose, thirty foot lead still attached, and calling him back with a shrill whistle when he is in full flight.  I am not so confident, since I doubt Haggis will heed my own weak attempts, so morning walks do not include a headlong dash across the neighbourhood park (field).


He’s a lovely boy, we are willing to work with his deficits.


Scrappy WIP


Almost at the finished stages for one quilt top, now fallen to neglect when I realize that the left over scraps are the same size as a stash of other scraps from a previous project.  I was working on a quick strip pattern using two Moda 3 Sisters Park Avenue jelly rolls I purchased in Kamloops.  We were there just prior to the May long weekend visiting classmates on a Four Day Getaway.  My creative impulse has transferred my focus to sewing long strips of four patch blocks, adding a strip of blue to the right and then separating the four pieces with six inches of a neutral.  Today I expect to finish piecing this latest project as the weather forecast calls for rain showers and thunderstorms all day today.