WM Redux – Dilemma Revisited

DSC_0220Aunt Nancy’s Favourite in William Morris (here is the original) fabrics has been finally repieced with a nod to the recipient’s preferences.  Most of the red fabrics have been removed, replaced with purples and greens.  I was much more deliberate in matching up the points this time around.  I am much more pleased with the effort.  It is still a handsome quilt.  I am planning on going with blue/green borders this time.  There is too much going on in my work space, I have to resist starting something new and finish up the projects on the go!


1 – ready for borders
2 – off to the Quilty Guilt
3 – blocks ready to be sewn together

6 comments on “WM Redux – Dilemma Revisited

  1. […] Repieced for a different direction.  Thank you for all your suggestions! […]

  2. I thought it was lovely before, but I’m glad you’re happier with it after reworking. Thanks for sharing this process.

  3. Elizabeth E. says:

    I had to scroll all the way down to find the earlier version. Melanie was right–both versions are beautiful–but you are thoughtful to make it conform to what your recipient wanted. It gives me an idea for a bee block!

    • antarabesque says:

      That is exciting that it inspired you in some way. I would love to see what you come up with! (I thought I had linked the post in there somewhere, I will fix that if it is missing – sorry about the extra effort)

  4. […] It has been a long time coming, the completion of this quilt. Colour changes, fabric scarcity, and border indecision have frustrated a finished project. Throw in some procrastination and the result is years between beginning and ending (February 3013 – December 2019). Progress Links are 2013/02/06 2013/03/20 2013/04/04 2013/07/21 […]

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