Who do you think I AM?

If you were hoping a personal reflection of Exodus 3:14, or the arrogant outburst of some demi-celeb, sorry to disappoint.
It is much more elemental than that. Saturday last, my ipad was stolen. That in itself is most inconvenient.  Especially since I have a significant suspicion of ‘the cloud’ and didn’t store any of my pictures, or quilt/block designs, or a few months of journalling up or out or into there, where ever ‘there’ is.  The latter made me particularly unhappy.  But, I could still access my emails, since all of them are web-based.  I could still play the interactive/multi-player game I have been playing for over a year.  I could still read all my tomes on kindle, know how my day was scheduled on an icalendar, and check the local weather.  The other stuff is regrettable, but not insurmountable.
No, the worst of it was, my purse was stolen too.
There was a fundraising roast beef dinner at the church.  I had put my purse, iPad and iPhone in a cabinet in my office and gone down to the hall to offer grace and lend a hand where ever they might be needed.  Hubby was working a split night shift and was expected to join me for dinner at 7:10 or so.  At 7:15 I went to my office, retrieved my iPhone and texted him to ask when he expected to arrive.  He showed up arond 7:20, we consumed a fabulous dinner, visited with people and decided it was time to leave at 8:20.  I returned to my office to collect my iPad and purse, and, they weren’t.
My keys were still sitting on my desk, as was my laptop. The silver communion ware was still occupying the Communion Table. But another church member’s wallet and cell phone were removed from her back pack hiding under a pew.
Attempts to contact the police put me on hold for 50 minutes.
I was able to report the theft on line before I hung up on the pre-recorded loop of music and redundant information.  Calling the credit card company brought similar results.  While on ‘wait’ I considered how I was going to get home as hubby had to return to work.  “I’ll just get a cab,” I thought.  Then I realized, I couldn’t, I had no money, no debit card, no credit card to pay them.  And it was dark, and the church in smack dab in the centre of one of the least ‘safe’ areas of the city.  Now what?  Thankfully a member of the Board of Managers had stayed to ensure I left the building safety and graciously acquiested when I asked for a ride home.
At home, when I finally got through to the credit card company, I gained a gradual awareness of how difficult it is to operate in the world without any proof of who I am.  My driver’s licence, credit and debit cards, health card, co-pay card, birth certificate and other loyalty cards were gone.  It settle over me as a cloud of confusion and frustration.  I had told the credit card provider that I needed a new debit card too.  “Just go to your bank with two pieces of photo ID and ask for one.”  Ummmmm, did you hear me?  Someone stole my purse.
It was disorientating. And anxiety ridden. What might someone attempt with everything they need to be me?  How do I replace my driver’s licence, I don’t have any way to pay for it?  I could request a new birth certificate on-line, no, not until my credit card arrives.  Starting at a place where you can get proof of who “I AM”, providing a police incident report, grateful that hubby is available to pay the necessary fees, eventually gets you to a place where, you have to replace your wallet, or purse, or organizer in which all these bits of paper and plastic are kept.  With it comes a feeling of vulnerability.  All that has to transpire is another theft and your identity is compromised again.  And you keep a close eye on your bank account, ask you employer to place a stop payment on next month’s pay (that was in the stolen purse) and the recently recieved expense cheque (also in the stolen purse), and send theft notifications to your iPad, hoping someone sees it and calls the number provided.  It definitely is a learning experience I hope very few people have to learn.

Exodus 3:13 And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I Am hath sent me unto you.

6 comments on “Who do you think I AM?

  1. sandralouise says:

    How awful! It was bad enough to have ones purse stolen in the days before the Web, but now, so much scarier. I hope things get settled to normal for you soon.

  2. My mother had her purse stolen nearly 40 years ago and still gets worried if, for a moment, she isn’t certain where it is. Traumatic!

  3. How awful. Our pastor had the laptop he used for a presentation in the sanctuary stolen off the media cart while we were all gathered in the fellowship hall to celebrate after service. I’ve taken to putting my purse in my trunk before I leave home and carrying only the car keys into the church in my pocket when I am serving as worship assistant or communion assistant.

    • antarabesque says:

      It’s a crying shame isn’t it. A couple of my colleagues are in a church that has signs posted cautioning women to take their purses with them when they go to the rail for Communion.

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