Things I Learned in Kindergarten

Robert Fulghum is the author of a number of my favourite books.  I was reminded of the book All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten this morning as I was tracing through the stencil onto one of the quilting projects I am working on.  It reminded me of tracing pictures onto those colouring books that had parchment paper in between the pages or the ones that were a series of dots or dashes that became a picture when joined.


I am free motion stitching the traced pattern.  It is turning out very well.  I went to my local quilting store to pick up another pen, just in case.  The owner shared some alarming information with me when I asked about them.  The pens are called FriXion and I bought two colours from a quilt shop.  They ‘erase’ when you apply a hot iron to the lines.  Really cool!  However, the shop owner informed me … cold is not the temperature you can expose the quilt to using this method.  The lines … miraculously reappear.  Not cool.

I conducted an experiment.  I used some of the neutral printed fabric and wrote on it with one of the pens and then ironed it.  Lines disappeared.  I then put the fabric in the freezer for only a couple of minutes.  The lines came back, not as dark as before, but they were back.  I submitted it to the iron again, and again, the lines disappeared.  Whew!  When would conditions ever be such that a quilt would get cold enough for the lines to reappear?  Funny you should ask!  I went to the quilt shop today to share the results of my experiment with the owner.  In the store a shopper was nodding her head as I relayed my findings.  “I’ve heard of that happening in Yellowknife when people leave quilts in their cars in the winter time.”  Great.  I suppose it would also occur if you mailed it to someone and it went in an unheated truck in the winter or by air in the cargo hold.  Not the most attractive first impression when the package was opened.  At least it can be corrected by throwing it in the dryer.

I’ve tried to find more information on these pens online, particularly wondering if the ink washes out.  Anyone know or have a similar experience?

Job 6:17  In time of heat they disappear; when it is hot, they vanish from their place.

Two Strips Forward, One Strip Back

DSC_0816I brought the “Fruits of the Spirit”, or as I learned today, “Chinese Coins” quilt down to the church to sandwich.  Wouldn’t you know it?  The wide borders won’t lay flat.  I’ll have to take them off, find out where I made an error in squaring up the top, repair that, then sew them back on.  My chore for this evening since the flannel back and the batting are occupying the table in the church basement and I want to get this together before someone else needs the space.  (Untaping the back from the table is not an option … when you take into account how I hate to negate two steps forward!)


Summer Delayed

This is our third May Long Weekend living in the Peace.

In 2010 it snowed.  The trees were much further along in leafing out and many of the poplar trees were permanently bent or snapped in half from the weight of the snow.

Last year nature lulled us into a false security of no more snow until fall with flurries in the beginning of June.

This year, true to form, it has snowed.  The flowers were coming along so well too. 

The bare spots to the left is a result of radiant heat from the house.  That may be the salvation of the delphinium.

The chives were just about ready to bloom. A number of delicious meals have been enhanced with their lovely garlicy flavour.

I knew I should have taken pictures of the white icelandic poppies when they boasted their showy heads yesterday.

Retrospectively, I suppose I shouldn’t have been so eager to pull up the yellow and orange offerings, it would have provided a more interesting picture.

I am a little worried about our flowering shrubs, hopefully it didn’t get cold enough to damage the buds.  I am especially concerned about our crab apple tree, there was indications for a wealth of flowers, increasing the possibility of actually seeing fruit this year.

There is not as much concern for the roses.

Tulips closed to surprise

The ‘Trending’ Rant

I was outraged by the “Trending” expert* on Gobal news the other day.  Christie Clark (BC’s premier) was on the radio to give the “State of the Province” address.  The ‘expert’ criticized Clark for not Tweeting during the interview and subsequent Q&A.  REALLY? She’s ON THE RADIO – TAKING PHONE CALLS!  It is already an innovation.  Lots of people. Listen. To the radio!  (Was that William Shatner?)

The ‘expert’ went on to comment that Clark could have used Twitter during the commercial breaks, or have  one of her aids could tweet for her (they have people for that, apparently).  Come on.  She’s on a break, taking a sip of water, catching her breath.  An aid?  To tweet for her, no wonder our taxes are so bloody high.  The stupidity of it had me yelling at my husband.

I don’t have a twitter account, or a smart phone.  I have a cell phone but I forget it all the time and waste hours trying to find it.  I think it takes pictures…

I have been meaning to post this for some time now.  My motivation was this post by a recent FP blogger.  She’s quite good, and has a new follower.

*apparently someone who follows social media to see what everybody is talking about.

PS  My apologies for yelling.