WIP Wednesday – Binding

This Saturday our Presbytery will be ordaining a recent graduate from seminary.  I have been asked to preach the sermon in the worship service.  I consider it a great privilege.  The soon to be minister has become a good friend to me since I was called to this congregation four years ago.  As before, I designed and quilted an ordination stole.  Today it is at the binding stage along with another WIP that has just been quilted at the Quilty Guilt.  Imagine, two projects completed by the end of the month!


The stole is on the right and middle, with a dove FM quilted on the reverse.  (note the use of my favourite fabric designer, Barbara Brackman’s Morris Apprentice)


The bible quote from Exodus seemed appropriate since it concerns the directions for constructing priestly garments.  One day I will have to design a stole that has “pomegranates of blue, purple, and crimson” all along the hem.

Exodus 28:32  It shall have an opening for the head in the middle of it, with a woven binding around the opening, like the opening in a coat of mail, so that it may not be torn.

FP for Dessert


I finished the table runner last night.  I am pleased with the progress I am making to bind 90 degree corners.  These are almost perfect (for me).  However, this project had four corner angles that were greater and I couldn’t figure them out.  I should have done a search for a tutorial.  Next time.  I used a dinner plate to trace the lines for the quilting around the center block.  Coincidentially the runner was exactly the same width as the plate!  You think I planned it that way.  I will give it a the gift certificate for a flower arrangement to the director of Young Life today for the silent auction at their dessert fundraiser on Saturday.  I have three days to quilt and bind the next project.  Drop in then for the pictorial.DSC_0844

Flowers in Snow


Finally I am past the quilting stage for the scrappy Snowball Quilt that I am finishing for someone else.  There are a number of floral fabrics in this project so I decided on freemotion daisy type flowers.  The thread is a YLI product called Dawn, pale orange/yellow/green/off white.  I think it worked well, really standing out on the dark blocks and almost disappearing on the contrasting ones.  It was what I was aiming for, as an attempt to tie the blocks together.  The results are great, the non-uniformity of the flowers fits in well with the wonky cut blocks.  The binding is 95% done.  I should have another FP tomorrow!