Stitching Away

  While I was home this Christmas I took pictures of all the needlework I had done and given to my mom and/or dad.  Actually, I have never given my dad, individually a piece of my stitching.

The Garden Cottage was the first piece I gave them.  It was a difficult piece to photograph as it is hung in a corner next to the picture window.  No matter where I stood, the glass reflected a slight glare from outside light.  The best image is a great example of parallel line perspective, not such a great representation of the work.  In hindsight I should have taken it down from the wall and moved it to a better spot.  Silly me.

This piece is a representation of an antique Dutch plate pattern.  My mother bought the pattern in the Netherlands on one of her trips.  She asked if I would stitch it for her.  It is not something that I would choose to stitch, but I did.  For interest sake I kept track of how long it took to complete by making crosses in the black squares of the pattern.  Each crossed square was a half hour.  The entire project took 117 1/4 hours.  I gave (returned?) it to my mom for her birthday and she took it to the framer.  The result is fabulous.  In the end I was very pleased with it.  It almost looks three-dimensional from certain angles.  Again, I didn’t think of taking it down from the wall to photograph, so the result is not the best.


My aunt Shirley did a petit point pair of Dutch children.  My mom always wanted these done of Ukrainian children dancing so that the nationalities on both sides of the family would be represented.  They turned our really well, although I am not crazy about the framing.  It is very ornate, and much to large for the pictures in my opinion.  Mom only went this route because that was the way they were framed in the example with the pattern.

I have not worked on any needlework for some time.  It might be time…

Start dates – August 2002 & Sometime in 2005

Began 2002 - finished 2011

Began 2004 - Finished 2010

Amazingly, since we moved here in 2009, I have actually managed to complete two large cross stitch projects that I began some time ago.  Both are by my favourite cross stitch designer, Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum.  As I indicated in an earlier post, photographs of framed pieces tend not to turn out very well.  I am quite pleased with the finished angels, regardless of the superimposed reflection of me standing on a ladder.  Having it framed the way I envisioned was difficult.  The framer did her best to dissuade me from the proportions, particularly the empty space above the angels.  I wanted the picture to be higher than wider, and initially wanted the space over the angels heads much greater, but the cost was prohibitive.  When the gallery owner insisted “That’s not the way it should be,”  I told her I was making a theological statement, not an artistic one.  I am still not convinced she got my point.

Another day in the life

Burnaby, BC.
A Saturday, a quiet one at home.  T  is at the church practicing on the organ and painting the entrance.  I worked on my quizzes for Denominational Studies on Tuesday, watched some TV and prepared roast chicken for supper.  It was supposed to be a sunny afternoon, but that has not materialised.  It has been an interesting week.  Wednesday and Thursday I went to the Laing Lecture series at Regent College to listen to Walter Brueggeman.  It was pretty amazing, T came with me on Thursday.  A few of us went to Mahonys for dinner.  We had nachos, pricy, but good.

I had a phone call from one of the political parties today.  When I told them that I had voted already they asked who I voted for.  I told them its called a secret ballot because its none of your business.  The nerve.  We are going to be electioned out.  All three levels of government are holding elections in the next thirty five days.  No wonder the phone has been ringing daily from pollsters, etc.  We voted already, at the advance polls because T is leaving to work in Calgary on Tuesday, election day, and I have classes all day and will probably not make it back in time to vote after classes.  It should be interesting coverage on Tuesday night.  Now I know why the Tudors is not scheduled on CBC.

I have been stitching on Grandma’s project again.  I know I am really busy this semester, but I really would like to get it completed for her ninetieth birthday this year.  There is not much left, if I keep at it during those times I catch some TV I might have a hope.

Grandma's project - finished

Its Thanksgiving weekend, we have not had the typical invite to T’s relatives. . .yet.  We are already planning to stay after worship tomorrow for lunch and are going to a potluck Thanksgiving at Somerville House on Monday.  That should be more than enough turkey until Christmas.

Less than eight months until granduation, that is a scary thought in some ways!

Watched part of  The Last Temptation of Christ tonight, but I was too tired to stay up for the entire movie.  In bed by ll pm.