If You Were Wondering…

The graphic that I chose for this blog is a photograph of the first queen size quilt I completed.  I began it with the intention of giving it as a gift to my step daughter, but a friend claimed it in a teasing manner when I asked her for advice on certain aspects.  When she gave me the news that they were moving, far, far away, I worked like a mad woman (maybe a madDER than usual woman) to complete it before they left.  It now graces their new home.

Diagonal quilting in a variegated thread

An upclose look






This one shows the most accurate colours



The reverse




 It’s a new past time that I have become entirely inspired by.  I enjoy looking at fabrics, picking out those that speak to me or evoke some emotional response.

I enjoy the entire process of coordinating colours and fabrics, cutting, piecing, quilting, and finally binding.  So many ideas, so little time.

Full view