Quilt Quandary Resolved

It has been a long time coming, the completion of this quilt. Colour changes, fabric scarcity, and border indecision have frustrated a finished project. Throw in some procrastination and the result is years between beginning and ending (February 3013 – December 2019). Progress Links are 2013/02/06 2013/03/20 2013/04/04 2013/07/21

As with most projects, completing and assembling the blocks happens fairly quickly. I think the borders took another three years. I couldn’t locate complimentary William Morris fabric to my satisfaction. I finally settled on the narrow white and green borders with fabric from my stash. Then I didn’t have enough fabric for the outside border and had to add the corner pieces. Not ideal, but added just enough for border and binding fabric to finish.

medium, light, medium placement

The next challenge was finding backing material. Again, not enough William Morris inspired fabric. I procrastinated again, settled on something close in colour.

The intent was to use the domestic machine to free motion quilt. I used a stencil I felt was similar to the style of the era of the fabric designs. I used Crayola Ultraclean markers for placement. The markers worked really well, except for the orange, it took some extra work to remove after the quilt was washed in cold water. I was relieved since the design had been marked on the fabric for over a year.

Make no mistake, all the blocks are the same. They are all Aunt Nancy’s Favourite in two different value settings. One is dark, medium, dark, and the other is medium, light, medium placements for the stars giving the overall quilt the appearance of diagonal movement. I am super pleased with the effect.

My sister finally received the quilt at Christmas. She appeared please with it. I have not had the opportunity to see it since the pandemic has restricted travel between provinces.

Proverbs 7:4 Say to wisdom, “You are my sister,” and call insight your intimate friend …

Another UFO – FP, finally!

Finally!  Hubby’s quilt is finished.  I started it well over a year ago.  It’s been waiting until I could find someone to long arm quilt it for me.  It is slightly bigger than queen size (hubby is a BIG guy) and much too heavy and awkward to quilt on my sewing machine.  I was referred to Joanne at A Quilting Studio who was able to book it in within 6 weeks.  Hurray!  Every one else had no openings until October at the earliest, one place not until next year!

Hubby is really excited that it is finally finished, he painted the walls of his room to match!

The design is called Squares on Squares and the quilting pattern is called Square Dance.  I am pleased with the finished result, it is almost true to the squares.  Not too bad for my second full-sized quilt, my tenth, not counting stoles.