Ordination Stole – Ordinary Time

A dear friend of mine was ordained for ministry yesterday.  It was a lovely service, she was very emotional and excited.  So it is for those of us set aside to be a Minister of Word and Sacraments.  It is also a little daunting, because we take on the responsibility to bring the Word of the Lord to the people of God.


I finished the stole, and she was delighted with it.  Coincidentially the minister that gave the charge used the words of Micah 6:8.  I had quilted those very words into the design of the stole!

DSC_0239 DSC_0238 DSC_0235

FP Friday


One of these days I must take some time and number these quilts.  This one I have called Blue Trinity.  The squares are three inches by three inches, the short stripes are nine inches long and the long stripes are thirty-three inches long.

This turned out to be a handsome quilt, I really like it.  It is one of the first quilted at The Quilty Guilt by my husband.  It is destined to go to flood victims in High River, AB. if I can resist the temptation to keep it.

The search for a bible verse for this post brought up 577 occurences of ‘three’ and ‘third’.  Many of these are a measure of time, ie ‘three days’ or the ‘third day.’  I think there is a sermon in there somewhere.

DSC_0231 DSC_0230

Mark 14:58  “We heard him say, ‘I will destroy this temple that is made with hands, and in three days I will build another, not made with hands.’”


At the end of the Storm

I did finish the Rainbow Log Cabin last week.  There was a number of requests to post the completed project.

DSC_0904“They sang the words in unison, yet somehow created a web of sounds with their voices. It was like hearing a piece of fabric woven with all the colors of a rainbow. I did not know that such beauty could be formed by the human mouth. I had never heard harmony before.”   ― Anita Diamant, The Red Tent

FP Friday – Fruits of the Spirit

I finished the Fruits of the Spirit quilt.  I brought it to the church for its photo shoot and then added it to the collection of quilts to go to Odyssey House.


FP for Dessert


I finished the table runner last night.  I am pleased with the progress I am making to bind 90 degree corners.  These are almost perfect (for me).  However, this project had four corner angles that were greater and I couldn’t figure them out.  I should have done a search for a tutorial.  Next time.  I used a dinner plate to trace the lines for the quilting around the center block.  Coincidentially the runner was exactly the same width as the plate!  You think I planned it that way.  I will give it a the gift certificate for a flower arrangement to the director of Young Life today for the silent auction at their dessert fundraiser on Saturday.  I have three days to quilt and bind the next project.  Drop in then for the pictorial.DSC_0844

WIP is actually an FP


There are a number (12) of projects on the go at the moment.  I have no pictures, however, and I did finish the snowball quilt last night.  Whooo hoooo!  It is always a celebration when you can cross something off the list.  I’ll contact the family this week and give it back.  I think it is intended for one of the grandchildren.  It was a gratifying project.  I’m more than satisfied with the results.

DSC_0825 DSC_0832DSC_0824

Epiphany FP

DSC_0802On Epiphany, the 6th of January, Ukrainian Christmas Eve, I completed my husband’s Christmas gift.  In an unabashed, self-serving attempt at being clever, I have decided to tag all Finished Projects – FP.

This was such a fun project.  Self quilting for the most part, the technique is to begin with a dark flannel triangle placed on a 13 1/2″ square piece of muslin and then sew strips of flannel around it until the square is filled.  Every other block/square has a border in the same colour as the starting triangle.  This method does result in very bulky seams.  I put a flannel back on it, blue and gold for my husband’s favourite CFL team, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.  I used regular quilting cotton for the binding.  Flannel stretches so easily, using it as a binding would have been a nightmare.  I am so pleased at how it turned out that I am planning more for some of my male relatives, and maybe one for myself if I can find enough flannel in purples … of course.

My husband loves it.  So much so, that he took it with him to Tumbler Ridge this week, sent there by his company to work for five days.  Good thing, he has a cold and hopefully it will keep him warm in his hotel room at night.  DSC_0796


The ‘Trending’ Rant

I was outraged by the “Trending” expert* on Gobal news the other day.  Christie Clark (BC’s premier) was on the radio to give the “State of the Province” address.  The ‘expert’ criticized Clark for not Tweeting during the interview and subsequent Q&A.  REALLY? She’s ON THE RADIO – TAKING PHONE CALLS!  It is already an innovation.  Lots of people. Listen. To the radio!  (Was that William Shatner?)

The ‘expert’ went on to comment that Clark could have used Twitter during the commercial breaks, or have  one of her aids could tweet for her (they have people for that, apparently).  Come on.  She’s on a break, taking a sip of water, catching her breath.  An aid?  To tweet for her, no wonder our taxes are so bloody high.  The stupidity of it had me yelling at my husband.

I don’t have a twitter account, or a smart phone.  I have a cell phone but I forget it all the time and waste hours trying to find it.  I think it takes pictures…

I have been meaning to post this for some time now.  My motivation was this post by a recent FP blogger.  She’s quite good, and has a new follower.  http://classicconfusion.wordpress.com/2012/02/13/the-grammys-twitter-do-i-laugh-or-cry/

*apparently someone who follows social media to see what everybody is talking about.

PS  My apologies for yelling.