FP Friday – Fruits of the Spirit

I finished the Fruits of the Spirit quilt.  I brought it to the church for its photo shoot and then added it to the collection of quilts to go to Odyssey House.


Two Strips Forward, One Strip Back

DSC_0816I brought the “Fruits of the Spirit”, or as I learned today, “Chinese Coins” quilt down to the church to sandwich.  Wouldn’t you know it?  The wide borders won’t lay flat.  I’ll have to take them off, find out where I made an error in squaring up the top, repair that, then sew them back on.  My chore for this evening since the flannel back and the batting are occupying the table in the church basement and I want to get this together before someone else needs the space.  (Untaping the back from the table is not an option … when you take into account how I hate to negate two steps forward!)


WIP Strip


It’s Wednesday, here’s what is on the table today.* This pattern has a number of names, my preference is “Fruits of the Spirit.”  It is a great way to use up all those strips from previous projects.  Once the rows are completed they are joined to lengthwise strips of fabric, in this case I plan to use a solid navy blue.  The border will be the same navy fabric.

The snowball quilt is sandwiched and ready for quilting.  I wanted to get this project pieced before I changed the foot on my sewing machine (I’m lazy that way).  This simple strip quilt has been waiting for over a year, I wanted to get it done in time for the quilters’ group next donation to a local women and children shelter.

I made a list of WIPs, there are twelve.  No more cutting until some are completed!

*See the practical and brand new cutting board?  Thanks darling!


Strips finished and ready for joining to solid navy strips.

Strips finished and ready for joining to solid navy strips.

One of Three

The sewing machine has been re-illuminated!  Finally I can get back to some patiently waiting projects.  This one is now quilted and is next to be bound.  It is slated for completion for the first Sunday of June.  The block has many names, one being “Fruits of the Spirit.”  I’m going with that name because this is a 36″ x 48″ banner for the church.  I am getting much smoother at stippling, only crossing a half dozen times.  The image shows some loose thread and pins, because the project is on the go.

FotS has a partner, “Garden of Eden” that I will post pictures of once I manage to get it quilted. This couple has eight siblings created by the quilting guild at the church.  They are all green, for ‘Ordinary Time’ and so lovely.  The women did a fantastic job.  I’ll post pictures of them all when they are dedicated the beginning of June.

The third project is a gift, so no pictures or even clues until it is received.  It is going so, so, sew well.  Then, and only then, will I start the next one.  Really.  I really will.