A New Reality

It was a strange day around the house today.  We worked in the garden most of the afternoon.  Every time I came to the door to get something in the house I felt the urge to call Toby, “Come outside, bud.  It’s a lovely day.”  Only, only I remembered Toby is no longer an element of our reality.  A number of months ago, he began sneezing constantly and violently, to the extend he would smack his muzzle against the floor, and then bleed all over everything.  The vet found a cancerous mass in Toby’s sinuses.  Eventually the tumours began protruding from one of his nostrils, bringing an end to the sneezing, but slowing him down.  Thursday night, Friday morning he did not sleep well, sneezing again (the other sinus cavity?) and whimpering.  Hubby did not sleep at all, and neither did the sweet boy.  The vet agreed it was time, that the pain and quality of life would only get uncomfortably worse.

It’s weird not to have dogs in the house.  The television was turned off all day, no unwavering stare as we eat our meals, no click of nails on the hardwood floor.  We’ll miss him so much, trusting he is frolicking and running amok with Dusty and cousin Cruzor.  The three buddies, reunited.  Joy in peace boys.