Landscaping Improvements


This is the north wall of our house.  The picture was taken about 7:00 PM.  We live far enough north that the sun shines on all walls of the house in the course of a single day for most of the summer.  The bed along this wall is under an overhang created by the bay window and was a mess.  It contained a small lilac bush, a small cedar and some other deciduous tree, none of which did very well because of the limited sunlight.  The rest was choked with what my father called Ukrainian bluebells (see last years ‘crop’ on the right), wild weeds,anenomes, a few ferns and Lily of the Valley.  Hubby was fed up with the whole disaster and we tackled it this past weekend.  Up came all the tangle except a clump here and there, a fern that looked promising and some Lily of Valley under the water hose.  Planted were a half dozen various hosta.  We’ll see how it progresses.  It should fill in nicely.






I also managed to get the front yard planters ready.  Another week or so and it will look great.