Nothing Personal But You Asked

Hubby offered to cook fajitas for dinner last night.  I offered to pick up the necessary groceries.  Work finished for the day, I went to the local major grocery chain for peppers, mushrooms, onions, wraps, and sour cream.

Standing in line at the checkout, not the self checkout, one with another person scanning bar codes and bagging my groceries (save that for another rant), I confess to eavesdropping on the conversation between the cashier and the older gentleman ahead of me.

C – “Would you like to donate to breast cancer?”  Awkward pause.

OG – “Yeah, sure.”

C – “How much?”

OG – “Ummmm …”

C – “A dollar … two … five?”

OG (very quietly) – “A dollar.”

The transaction completes and the cashier begins scanning my grocery items.  She takes my airmiles and membership card.  The inevitable question.

C – “Would you like to donate to breast cancer?”

Me – “Do you issue a tax reciept?”  Blank stare.  “If I were to donate $20 to the Canadian Cancer Society, I would get a tax receipt.  I’d be happy to donate $20 to Fight for the Cure.  Will you give me a tax receipt.”

C – “We’re not a charity.”

Me – “Exactly.  But (this company) gets a tax credit for donating MY money to Fight for the Cure.  Why should I subsidize your employer’s tax break?”

C – “I don’t know nothing about that.”

Me – “I didn’t think you would.  Its nothing personal, but you asked.  I’m just explaining why I’m not donating to breast cancer, here.”

Lady in Line Behind Me – “And neither am I.”

The ‘Trending’ Rant

I was outraged by the “Trending” expert* on Gobal news the other day.  Christie Clark (BC’s premier) was on the radio to give the “State of the Province” address.  The ‘expert’ criticized Clark for not Tweeting during the interview and subsequent Q&A.  REALLY? She’s ON THE RADIO – TAKING PHONE CALLS!  It is already an innovation.  Lots of people. Listen. To the radio!  (Was that William Shatner?)

The ‘expert’ went on to comment that Clark could have used Twitter during the commercial breaks, or have  one of her aids could tweet for her (they have people for that, apparently).  Come on.  She’s on a break, taking a sip of water, catching her breath.  An aid?  To tweet for her, no wonder our taxes are so bloody high.  The stupidity of it had me yelling at my husband.

I don’t have a twitter account, or a smart phone.  I have a cell phone but I forget it all the time and waste hours trying to find it.  I think it takes pictures…

I have been meaning to post this for some time now.  My motivation was this post by a recent FP blogger.  She’s quite good, and has a new follower.

*apparently someone who follows social media to see what everybody is talking about.

PS  My apologies for yelling.

A Walk on the Wild Side

2 Kings 4:39   One of them went out into the field to gather herbs; he found a wild vine and gathered from it a lapful of wild gourds, and came and cut them up into the pot of stew, not knowing what they were.

I am always interested, in everything.  Remember those knowledge books for children in the 60’s.  Everything you wanted to know about; astrology, rocks, fish, plants, just about any topic you could thing of.  My mom didn’t buy them too often, I think they may have been quite pricey.  I would read them from cover, over and over again.  I was fascinated by all the information and pictures they contained.  As a result I am a repository of a lot of rarely used or applicable natural history trivia.  There still exists a wealth of facts I don’t have stored away somewhere, or never knew in the first place.  But then, we have the internet now, and a plethera of applications for iphones, or smart phones, or all those other wireless devices I don’t own.  Come on, really, an app to remind you where you parked your car?  If it continues at this rate we won’t need our brains any more, although the regression in evolution in that aspect will be more than made up for by enlarged thumbs.  (I typed my email address into a blackberry today, I though I had fairly slender fingers!)

It wasn’t my intention for this to become something of a rant, rather, a vehicle for showing off a few more pictures.  These are of plants, most of which I can name, at least one that I can’t.  (I didn’t have to do a google search to do so either)

Salmon Berry Blossoms







Skunk Cabbage








Fiddle heads


Wild Rose & Bee


These were all taken in the park behind our house in Burnaby BC.  One or both of us walked there daily to exercise the dogs and get a breath of nature in the continuous encounter of people, traffic, buildings and roads that is the Lower Mainland.  A nice place to visit, but we are grateful not to live there anymore.