Fulfilling the Promise

When we moved to Dawson Creek, I promised my husband that I would golf with him.  I am not convinced he took me seriously.  Every time he bemoaned having no one to hit the links with I reminded him of ‘the promise.’

Recently he has begun golfing regularly with a member of the local court system .  They decided to enter a best ball tournament that consisted of 3 couples on a team.  Us, the J’s and the C’s committed until we found the fee was too steep.  Hubby encouraged me to take lessons.  After two with the DC Golf and Country Club pro, the four of us went on Saturday.  T, B and I played 18 and L played 9.  I think I shot around 200 (I wasn’t keeping score).  The guys did pretty good.  It was okay, the gratification comes when you hit one nice, occassional drive.  That is also the motivation for trying again, and again, and again… Anyway, we agreed to play again this coming Saturday.

My darling and I decided we would go to the driving range sometime in between and hit some balls.  He had a short day yesterday so we went to DCGCC and changed our minds and played 9 instead.  Again it was okay, I am still not hitting consistantly, I don’t care at this point where it goes, as long as it goes a fair distance.  Hubby thinks I am doing really well and is thrilled that we have something else to do together.  It was a breezy, sunny day, with rain and thunderstorms clinging to the heights surrounding the town.  We had a nice time together.

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