WIP Preview

DSC_0835There have been a few mentions in previous posts of the Lenten Banners that the Quilters are working on.  Here is a brief glimpse of my progress.  The blocks are really easy, 12.5″ square cut in half at any angle that pleases, a contrasting strip of purple sewn to join the two halves back together.  Then turn the block 90 degrees and cut in half again, inserting another strip.  Then trim the block back to 12.5″.  The banners will be three blocks wide, and four blocks long (36″ x 48″).  I am also working on a matching stole.  The deadline is the first Sunday of Lent, February 17.  I better get at it!

6 comments on “WIP Preview

  1. Would love to see them when they are hung in the sanctuary! Wonderful project for your church qulters to do.

  2. andsoshedid says:

    Lovely work. Enjoying looking through your delightful website.

  3. patchworksue says:

    Hi antarabesque, thanks for stopping by on Reddy Arts Textile Group’s blog, glad you liked it. We have a lot of fun. I have enjoyed looking at your blog, and seeing what your quilting friends have been doing. What a wonderful job they do. I love the skewed crosses in your Lenten quilt blocks, and look forward to seeing it finished. You set me to reminiscing. I used to do the banners for our church, in felt, so that we could change them as needed, ever practical! At one time though, I made a quilt: if you have time, have a look at my blog here


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